Schedule allows to arm/disarm the detector motion (PIR) sensor by saving a schedule which defines when the sensor is triggering. There are some important points to remember when inserting and sending a Schedule to a detector.

1. It is strongly advised to configure the device Time zone (in Devices menu) before sending the Schedule to a detector. If a device Time zone is not configured, then the Schedule will take effect in UTC 0 timezone.

2. Insert Schedule times for weekdays/weekends or open the Daily values section to define different motion sensor armed start/stop times for each day. Please note that 23:58 start time and 23:59 stop time indicates that the detector has been disarmed.

This is a current technical solution and will be removed in the next release.

3. Observe the Schedule column in the Devices table view to see when the Schedule is synced to the detector(s). Please note that it may take up to the next hourly Routine check for the values to be synchronized with the detector. After the Schedule is received, it will be displayed in the Schedule column.